A New Synapses Baby Is Coming!

We are pleased (with a touch of sadness) to announce the departure of our Marketing and Communications Director, Josée Guillemette, on maternity leave at the beginning of May.

Josée has been an integral part of the small Synapses team since the studio’s inception in 2018. She has since then leveraged her expertise full-time for three years, bringing invaluable insight to our marketing and communication strategy. She has played a pivotal role for Synapses Games in promoting our games worldwide.

As Josée takes a well-deserved break to care for her baby, we are delighted to welcome her replacement for one year, Clément Stenger. Passionate about photography and video, Clément brings notable expertise in marketing and communications. His extensive experience with social media, events, and advertising will be valuable to our team during Josée’s absence. Additionally, his love for board games adds an extra dimension to his excitement in joining Synapses.

We are confident that Clément will seamlessly integrate into our team and continue to maintain the momentum created by Josée. We thank Josée for her exceptional contribution and wish her much happiness with her family.