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Synapses Games is a board game publisher based in Canada, founded in 2018.

Carl Brière, the founder, is playful by nature. Carl has a passionate love of the world of board games since his introduction to them at the age of 5. Surrounded by family and friends, he was first introduced to chess and slowly into more varieties of mechanics and styles of games.

With his international experience acquired over the last decade in the gaming industry, where he has worked with many prestigious companies, Carl now brings his expertise and know-how to fulfill a lifelong dream of running his own publishing studio, Synapses Games.

Synapses Games develops and publishes board games that are easy to learn, quick to explain, and are suitable for beginners and challenging the more strategic gamers. Synapses Games seeks to create exciting experiences and foster connections between people.

Remember that if you have fun playing, your reward will be much more than just winning a game!


Why Synapses Games?

Our goal is simply to create connections between players, exactly like between the synapses of neurons.