Game Description

Jooky and his friends are wandering around your house, despite not being welcome there. You’re going to have to chase them out of your home! Pay attention and put your reflexes to the test in 4 different types of challenges: maze, hide & seek, majority, and alive.

You and your friends will compete to become the first player to collect enough challenge cards to get Jooky and his friends out of the house and win the game!

Specially designed for families with children ages 6 and up, Jooky Jooky is a game about an intrusive insect that players will delight in chasing through 4 different challenges. Each player, armed with a swatter, must take a good look at the challenge card in play and be the first to correctly complete the challenge, either by swatting Jooky with their swatter or by swatting the card. The fastest player wins the card. The first player to collect ten cards wins the game.







  • 50 Challenge cards
  • 5 Swatters
  • 1 Sticker sheet
  • 1 Cockroach toy
  • 1 Rule sheet