Game description

MATCH 5 is a word game as well as an idea association game, in which players will need to find links between the symbols on the dice. For example, both “Shark” and “Alligator” could be used to link “Carnivore” with “Water”. Coming up with clever answers is a brilliant way to link unusual dice combinations. For example, players could link “Fruit” with “Body part” by using “Adam’s Apple”.

They have 3 minutes to use their imagination and come up with a creative answer for each of the 10 dice combinations rolled. They must next write down their answers on their notepad sheet.

Thousands of possible combinations!





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  • 10 Unique Dice (2 of each colour)
  • 10  Word Tiles (2 of each colour)
  • 1 Notepad
  • 1 Sand Timer
  • 1 Rulebook