Game description

Welcome to the vibrant world of Tanuki, where Gardeners, Geishas, Ninjas, and tons of cute furry creatures clash in a race to cultivate the most productive bamboo garden. Will you try and get revenge or stay focused on your own garden? If you are looking for cute designs, fierce battles, and strategic decision-making, then Tanuki is the game for you. Do you have what it takes to win in this no-holds-barred take that game? It’s time to unleash your inner furry warrior! 

During their turn, players play Action or Character cards, apply the cards’ effects, and harvest bamboo from their gardens. Each Character card has its own unique abilities. The game is over once the harvest season has come to an end. The player with the most bamboo wins. Strategic decision-making and interaction between players are key elements of this game. 




  • 31 Action cards
  • 38 Character cards
  • 2 Season cards
  • 1 1st Player card
  • 72 Bamboo tokens
  • 1 Rulebook