Welcome to Yokohama, where players can relive the excitement and challenges of international trade during the Meiji era in Japan. 

Yokohama is a strategic board game designed by Hisashi Hayashi that allows players to step into the shoes of ambitious merchants in the historical city of Yokohama. As they navigate the bustling streets and trading posts, players must secure contracts with foreign ministers, obtain valuable import goods, and establish their trade networks to succeed. 

Experience the thrill of international trade in the Meiji era. 


Available August, 2024





  • 4 Presidents
  • 92 Assistants
  • 32 Shops
  • 16 Trading Houses
  • 10 Foreign Agent tokens
  • 144 Trade Goods tokens
  • 23 Imported Goods tokens
  • 25 5-Power tokens
  • 1 Station token
  • 52 ¥1 tokens
  • 16 ¥3 tokens
  • 4 Warehouse boards
  • 6 Management boards
  • 18 Area boards
  • 24 Building tiles
  • 12 Achievement tiles
  • 36 Order cards
  • 30 Technology cards
  • 4 Player summaries
  • 1 Starting Player token
  • 6 Achievement Reward tokens
  • 1 Rulebook




Premium Token Kit


Unveil a New Level of Yokohama Gameplay 

Step into a world where luxury and immersive gaming intertwine seamlessly with the Premium Token Kit designed exclusively for Yokohama enthusiasts! Discover our premium tokens within a beautifully designed box, shimmering with an iridescent film, hinting at the treasures it guards. Inside, find 164 exquisitely designed wooden tokens, each printed with precision on both sides, bringing the elements of Tea, Fish, Silk, Copper, and Imported Goods vibrantly to life in your hands, taking your gaming experience to new heights. Feel the tangible luxury of the game’s resources as you strategize and delve deep into the captivating world of Yokohama. The allure doesn’t end with wooden tokens. Experience the triumphant sound of success with our premium metal Yen tokens, meticulously crafted to perfection, adding a sensory delight to your strategic moves, making each play a visual and auditory feast.

Premium Token Kit Features:
164 Double-Sided Printed Wooden Tokens
68 Premium Metal Yen Tokens