Synapses Games is excited to announce that it is now the official publisher of Rallyman: GT, Rallyman: DIRT, and their respective expansions. Following the closure of the previous publisher, Holy Grail Games, Synapses Games has acquired the full Rallyman line.

Synapses Games is no stranger to the Rallyman franchise, having previously been involved in its international publishing process along with the previous franchise owners. Their unique understanding of the game puts them in an ideal position to continue publishing the series.

“Working on the Rallyman franchise alongside Holy Grail Games in the past gave us a deep understanding and appreciation for this game and its devoted community,” says the president of Synapses Games, Carl Brière. “We want to take this franchise to the next level and share it with even more gamers around the world.”

Developing the franchise

Synapses Games is also in contact with the designer of Rallyman, Jean-Christophe Bouvier, to support his continued work on the franchise.

“I am extremely happy to be handing the reins of the Rallyman franchise over to Synapses Games, a publisher whose track record has proven them to be dynamic, rigorous and effective” states Jean-Christophe Bouvier. “Speaking with Carl, I recognized his passion and ambitions for Rallyman, which have breathed life back into my biggest dreams: the pursuit of GT’s influence internationally, the launch of DIRT, the engagement of the community… all with a desire to maintain the quality and authenticity which have bolstered the Rallyman brand. It is truly a pleasure to see the adventure that began in 2009 carry on in good hands, and in the land of the Villeneuve legacy:  a true sign of passion and excitement for the road that lies ahead!”