Reviews of Pyramido

You don’t know Pyramido, or you haven’t had a chance to play it yet? Take a look at what reviewers have to say about our long-awaited game.

In Pyramido, players must build a 4-stages pyramid and place Jewel markers on it. When a stage is completed, it will be evaluated, and prestige points will be awarded to the architects. The architect who builds the most impressive pyramid will be named Vizier and will have unimaginable wealth and power!

How to Play Pyramido

BGG How to Play. Candice Harris teaches you how to play Pyramido by designer Ikhwan Kwon.

How to Play Jooky Jooky

Jooky Jooky features an unwanted insect that we enjoy chasing through 4 types of challenges. Equipped with a swatter, players must observe the revealed challenge cards and be the first to perform the right action according to the challenge.

Specially designed for families with children aged 6 and over, this game of observation, speed and problem solving is easily adaptable to the age and ability of the players.

How to Play Coatl: The card game

In Cóatl The Card Game, players try to paint the most beautiful and valuable serpent they can. The serpent (or Cóatl) is made up of a Head, a Tail and 8 Body cards.

During their turn, players will play 2 cards to create, then claim, any available patterns on the Prophecy cards. If you complete a Prophecy card that has already been claimed by another player, you will steal it and display it in front of you. You score more points if you create the same pattern multiple times and you may eventually be able to protect that Prophecy card so that it can no longer be stolen.

How to Play BETTA

In Betta, each player is assigned a species of betta. All they need to do is arrange the fish into different patterns, which earn them points depending on how complex the pattern is. In addition, once all the displays are filled, the players score extra points based on the number of bettas of their color in each of the displays.


Each team is made up of a sketcher and a guesser. With a marker, the sketcher must draw a mystery word by connecting icons on his sketchpad. Then, by making sounds and mimes to his teammate, he must have the guesser sketch the drawing by making him connect the icons that he acts and noises. You must act quickly since the objective is to be the first team to find the mystery word reproduced in the drawing.

Draw the Line Designers Diary

Chase Disher and Jay Cormier, designers of Draw the Line, talk about their creative process in developing the game concept!

MATCH 5 – How To Play

MATCH 5 – Game content


COATL Reviews

Coatl – In Focus

Take a look at “Coatl” – In Focus!

Coatl Review – with Zee Garcia

Sculpt the most pleasing Coatl (Aztec feathered snake) in this attractive, bright, and swift game!


Coatl manages to be both strategic and deceptively simple at the same time. Players spend turns collecting thick, colorful head, tail, and body sections or assembling them into Coatls. They work to fulfill the beautifully illustrated Prophecy and Temple cards to earn prestige. At the end of the game, points are totaled and a new High Priest takes their place as the head of the spiritual Aztec world.

COATL – Teaser

With the passing of a great spiritual leader there is a void in the Aztec world. Players compete in a test of artistry and skill to win the favour of the gods. By carving intricate sculptures of feathered serpents, known as Cóatl, players earn prestige points to become the next High Priest.

CRAZY TOWER Solo Mode Challenges

Some solo challenges could be played by many players at the same time!


How to play Match 5 special confinement

Cóatl — game preview at GAMA Expo 2020

Crazy Tower — game preview at GAMA Expo 2020

Crazy Tower Now Available


Laugh, sweat, collaborate, and sabotage. Everything is fair when you’re building a Crazy Tower!


Crazy Tower in solo mode is challenging … but in tournament, it’s insane!


Abi, Philip, Antonia and Chris from Asmodee Live play CRAZY TOWER!


Perfect for coffee shops, board game cafes, or your next party at home!

Incubation – BGG GameNight!

This time on GameNight!, Nikki, Deborah, Dave and Lincoln teach and show you how to play Incubation from designer Carl Brière and published by Synapses Games.

Incubation: the discovery

Christophe makes a rather surprising discovery. Hidden in a bush, he will tame his new friend to discover all the subtleties of the game Incubation.

How to Play Incubation in 4 Minutes

Incubation in Gen Con 2019

Synapses Games was at the Gen Con 2019 in Indianapolis, and we got a chance to show off INCUBATION with Steph Hodge from Board Game Geek.

Incubation – Teaser

On the snow-capped peaks of the highest mountains, an incredible discovery has been made; Dragons! Adventurous explorers have found nests of different coloured Dragon Eggs and they have started to flood the market. Hatching these eggs can mean big business, so why not get in on the action?

Carl tests out Crazy Tower

The final turn of the game is his! He places his last block and holds his breath…

Incubation videorules

In Incubation, players become caretakers for Dragon Eggs, acquiring the necessary resources to encourage baby Dragons to break free from their shells! Through careful collection of Fire, Water, and Coins, and a willingness to push their luck, players will hatch Eggs, complete Objectives, and prove they’re the best Dragon wranglers around!

Incubation in Gama 2019

Synapses Games was at the GAMA Trade Show 2019 in Nevada, and we got a chance to show off INCUBATION with Jon from Board Game Geek.