Incubation in Gen Con 2019

Synapses Games was at the Gen Con 2019 in Indianapolis, and we got a chance to show off INCUBATION with Steph Hodge from Board Game Geek.

Incubation – Teaser

On the snow-capped peaks of the highest mountains, an incredible discovery has been made; Dragons! Adventurous explorers have found nests of different coloured Dragon Eggs and they have started to flood the market. Hatching these eggs can mean big business, so why not get in on the action?

Carl tests out Crazy Tower

The final turn of the game is his! He places his last block and holds his breath…

Incubation videorules

In Incubation, players become caretakers for Dragon Eggs, acquiring the necessary resources to encourage baby Dragons to break free from their shells! Through careful collection of Fire, Water, and Coins, and a willingness to push their luck, players will hatch Eggs, complete Objectives, and prove they’re the best Dragon wranglers around!

Incubation in Gama 2019

Synapses Games was at the GAMA Trade Show 2019 in Nevada, and we got a chance to show off INCUBATION with Jon from Board Game Geek.